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M&P Export is a proud licensee of the trusted
Great Stuff™ brand!

Starting January 2022, M&P Export is producing a range of kits which include Great Stuff™ Pro Insulating Foam along with the Great Stuff™ accessories needed to complete small sealing projects.
M&P has worked closely with DuPont™ for more than 10 years and is proud to be among the handful of companies licensed to use the Great Stuff™ brand.

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What's in Each Kit

Each Great Stuff Kit contains 2 cans of Great Stuff Pro Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam Sealant, 1 Professional Applicator Gun, 1 can of Great Stuff Pro Foam Cleaner and Protective Nitrile Gloves.

Our Contractor Foam Sealant Kit contains the popular Gaps & Cracks Foam Sealant that can fill gaps up to 3 inches wide.

Our Pestblock Foam Sealant Kit contains Pestblock Foam Sealant along with a roll of Copper Mesh to block gaps and openings where household pest could gain entry.

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Great Stuff Color .png
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