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About Us

We've been around a long time. Our roots began in 1917 as an export company with the driving motivation to bring quality products to every corner of the earth. That core principle still drives what we do today.


Since it began more than 100 years ago, M&P Export has grown into a versatile, solutions-driven company. Our goal is to provide solutions to consumer problems through high-quality products. Thinking outside the box, we choose products based on their unique, niche quality and then determine the best strategy for success. We deliver those solutions through ecommerce, wholesale, and distribution. 

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What We Do

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Warehouse Workers

Product Development

Whether it's taking a product from scratch and marketing it into a successful brand, creating brand partnerships, licensing, or exclusive distribution, brands are at the core of what we do. We look for brands that align with our goal of providing consumers more for less.

Ecommerce & Marketing

As consumers shift toward online shopping more each year, we meet them there. Our unique ecommerce website,, provides customers a friendly and personal shopping experience with outstanding customer service.

Distribution & Logistics

Our fully equipped warehouse and logistics experts ensure that our products get anywhere in the world in a timely manner. We have warehouses in both New Jersey and California to meet the fast shipping demands that customers expect.

Team Meeting

Our Team

A team of 15 full-time employees and growing, we bring the best of both worlds. Our team provides exceptional customer service that you'd expect from a small business, with the capabilities of a multinational corporation. Our staff works collaboratively each and every day to drive the company forward. Whether it's putting our heads together and getting creative, brainstorming, discussing big picture projects, or smaller daily tasks, we are constantly working together to reach new milestones... and it shows! M&P Export continues to grow each year as a result of the efforts of our incredible staff and leadership.

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