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NOVEMBER 8, 2023

M&P Export Management Corp. rebrands to MP Brands

A New Era of Excellence in Omnichannel Marketing

After years of unwavering dedication, providing top-quality products and services to clients worldwide, M&P Export Management Corp. is thrilled to announce its rebranding as MP Brands. This transformation marks a paradigm shift and a significant milestone in the company's evolution, reflecting its ongoing commitment to innovation, expansion, and customer satisfaction.

"We are excited to introduce our new identity as MP Brands. This rebranding signifies our commitment to delivering superior quality products and services under a fresh and dynamic name that better represents our company's values, vision, and aspirations."

–Fausto Falsetta, CEO of MP Brands

MP Brands works with clients to develop collaborative products and brands across all market segments, from e-commerce to in-store distribution. They work hand in hand with select partners such as DuPont, SIKA, Plasti Dip, and Novasol, to achieve goals in the complex and competitive world of product development, focusing on innovative, user-friendly, and sustainable products that solve real-world consumer problems.

The shift to MP Brands is part of the company's strategy to explore new markets, strengthen existing partnerships, and foster innovation across all operations. As MP Brands embarks on this exciting journey, the leadership and team are excited to continue taking initiative and anticipating their clientele's needs, all while providing the same expertise and professionalism that has been their hallmark since 1917. The rebranding process is already underway, and clients can expect to see the transition to the new brand name and identity in all company communications, products, and services in the coming weeks.

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