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Who We Are

Been around a long time.... since 1917 having our roots in a humble, yet ahead of it's time, export company.  A company that brings products to every corner of the earth.   And still today, that is our mission, to bring unique, best-in-class products to every corner of the earth.  We believe that our customers should not have to research every product to death.  That's our job!  Find the products, understand the products, test them and then bring something really cool to the table.  Add to that our stellar customer service at all levels of our business, from our maintenance team, to sales force, to operations, to the CEO.  All of us in touch with customers and their needs every single day,

What We Do







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What We Believe


We believe in building a robust business and partnership one step at a time.  If the foundation is strong, everything else will fall into place and no problem will be too big to solve.  We believe first and foremost that the end-user, our customer, must  always have the best experience possible when dealing with our company.  EVEN if that experience concerns an issue or a dispute with our products or services.  Treat people the way you would want to be treated.  Always be up front. Never underestimate the sophistication of your clients, parnters and customers and ALWAYS provide more than anyone would expect.  In a world where businesses come and go overnight, this is our recipe for success... for long lasting, "into the foreseaable future" success!!

How We Work


So how do we do it?  Lots of smarts, dedication and hard work.  First, we find a product that stands out in the crowd, evaluate the product, the company that makes the product and the market for the product.  Then we get to the nitty gritty, developing relationships with manufacturers where we can partner on every level.  Discovering where the product has the best fit, should we go worldwide or stay stateside?  Then develop a strategy to go to market.  We take the worry out by providing a financial solution to the inherent risks of selling, providing the one point of contact for our partners and one point of financial responsibility.  Then we find the right clients for ourselves and our partners.  All working seamlessly to fulfill the ultimate need of the end-user, our customer, your customer, THE Customer!!

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