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Importing from the USA & China | China Sourcing

Importing from the USA & China

Importing products from the USA or other countries can add a new dimension to your business. New and innovative products create an original and exciting mix of merchandise giving your company a competitive edge in the market place. But importing and sourcing product on your own is very often fraught with difficulties and red tape. At M&P we can pave the way for sourcing and smooth delivery of your imported merchandise.

Our Services

  • Place your order and make payment directly to M&P Export. We handle all the details
  • Air and sea arrangements are made by M&P to insure smooth delivery of your product
  • M&P tracks and monitors your shipment throughout the entire delivery process until you have received your order
  • Documentation and all necessary paper work is provided including invoices, export packing lists
  • We work together with you to complete certifications necessary for compliance with your regional and local importation laws and regulations
  • Credit Terms are offered to qualified customers to facilitate payment of invoices to M&P


  • By consolidating all your USA purchases, M&P provides substantial cost reductions and increased productivity
  • M&P places all your USA orders directly with the manufacturers
  • Provides consolidated documentation for multiple shipments, one complete invoice, one complete packing list, and all other required documentation
  • Multiple shipments sent under one bill of lading, one freight charge, one charge for customs clearance

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China Sourcing

Utilizing our Shanghai office, which has been in existence since the early 40’s, we offer Consulting and Trading Services to companies implementing strategies for China Sourcing and/or manufacturing. We help minimize financial risks, reduce productions costs, and manufacture to USA quality standards while maximizing profits.

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