Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip

PLASTI DIP Products have been manufactured and distributed in the U.S. by Plasti Dip International for over 30 years. Plasti Dip is a 'unique' and 'niche' product range; America's largest selling flexible rubber coating. Plasti Dip is at home in a wide range of retail outlets from D-I-Y to Automotive, to Outdoor Sports to Hobby & Craft.



    America's No.1 Flexible Rubber Coating "It's like Duct Tape in a can" PLASTI DIP® is an air dry, synthetic rubber coating that is easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. PLASTI DIP® resists moisture, acids, abrasion, weathering, electrical shock, skidding/slipping, and corrosion. PLASTI DIP® won’t peel, chip or crack! PLASTI DIP® can be used in harsh environments to seal out moisture and weatherproof most surfaces including metal, wood, concrete, rubber and plastics.



    "Plasti Dip - in an Aerosol!" The effectiveness of PLASTI DIP® in the convenience of a spray can. Ideal for refinishing outdoor furniture, gas bottles, hard to reach places and pre-assembled equipment. PLASTI DIP® Spray provides protection from the elements for boat instrument panels, control panels and electronic components in the agricultural and mining environment.



    America's No.1 Non skid Rubberized Coating Super Grip® is an air-dry, non-yellowing, synthetic rubber coating. Super Grip® bonds to most fabrics to prevent skidding and slipping on slick surfaces. Super Grip® is washable, remains flexible and will not transfer from applied surface. Super Grip® forms a soft pliable rubber surface film that completely eliminates skidding. Ideal for rugs, bath mats, vehicle floor mats and much more.



    America’s No 1 Brush On Insulation Liquid Electrical Tape is an air-dry, synthetic rubber coating that exhibits excellent moisture, acid, alkaline, abrasion, and dielectric resistance. Liquid Tape can be used in manufacturing to insulate, protect, and color code connections. It remains flexible under extreme conditions and won't crack, harden, or peel. Liquid Electrical Tape has a dielectric rating and is ideal for insulating D.C. connections, PCB boards, battery terminals, switches, solenoids or any components that need electrical insulation and protection from the elements. Protects against battery acid, salt water and is UV protected.

  • VLP


    America's No. 1 Vinyl repair product VLP® is a clear, high strength, flexible adhesive, designed to mend rips, tears and small holes on flexible vinyl surfaces. VLP® is an easy to use, air dry formula that dries clear to blend with colored vinyl. VLP® dissolves the surface of the vinyl and creates an excellent bond. VLP® fuses the vinyl together to form a tough, waterproof repair that lasts for years. On porous fabrics, VLP® penetrates the pores and creates an excellent mechanical bond. VLP® will repair dishwasher racks, car seats, dashboards, pool toys, and camping gear.



    No.1 in Waterproofing, sealing, restoring and repairing seams on all fabrics. PLASTISEAM® is a tough, clear, flexible resin that is excellent at sealing out moisture in sewn seams. PLASTISEAM® is second to none in performance and will last far longer than any other seam sealer on the market. PLASTISEAM® comes in a convenient roll-on applicator bottle and waterproofs stitching in cloth, canvas, vinyl, and plastic; the applicator forces the transparent PLASTISEAM® into stitching joints where it dries clear, tough and waterproof. Ideal for hiking boots, tents, tarpaulin covers, or anywhere a waterproof cover is required.



    America's No.1 Vinyl repair patch VYNA BOND is a transparent patch repair system for vinyl. VYNA BOND is a strong, flexible vinyl contact adhesive that comes complete with clear patching material in the pack. VYNA BOND can be brushed or spread; dries fast and resists softening. VYNA BOND will repair swimming pool liners - even under water, and is ideal for camping and marine use.

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