Easy Mask products can be found in over 85% of USA paint stores, hardware stores and home centers. The product line consists of a full line of paint tapes, masking tapes, drop cloths and wall repair patches. Easy Mask produces all of the products you will ever need to make your painting projects clean and organized.

  • 329400


    3" x 180'(7.62cm x 55m) Easy Mask Painting Tape

  • 683160


    3.95" x 180'(9.5cm x 22.9cm) Easy Mask Paining Tape

  • 965960


    (48mm x 33m) Easy Mask Duo Stick Painters Tape

  • 591260


    24mm x 50m Easy Mask KleenEdge Low Tack

  • Easy Mask Masking Paper

    Easy Mask Masking Paper


Pre Taped Plastic Dropcloth

    Pre Taped Plastic Dropcloth

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